Deep Water Exercise — Coaching & Training

Optimize Athletic Performance with Deep Water Exercise (DWE)

Use the Water Works Performance Training System to achieve maximum athletic results.

Deep water running can replicate land-based running - without weight-bearing stresses

Deep water exercise can speed up injury rehabilitation

Water Works Performance provides personalized training programs and on-site professional coach

Water Works Performance works with elite athletes from a variety of sports to optimize their performance abilities. We develop personalized training programs for pre-season, in-season, and off-season conditioning, plus injury rehabilitation.

Our deep-water training method allows for maintenance of / or increases to both training volume and intensity—without the detrimental effects of increased weight bearing exercise.

Deep Water Exercise For High Performance Sport
— a Training Manual for Athletes and Coaches

by Michael Moon

Deep Water Exercise (DWE) for High Performance Sport describes in detail the training regimen created by author Michael Moon. Read how DWE can bring you to your Peak Performance capabilities!  » Buy Now!

Water Works Performance will work in consultation with sports medicine professionals to devise the most effective and productive training programs for you.

Water Works Performance will provide:

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