Meet the Coach

Mike Moon

My name is Mike Moon and I am the creator of the Water Works Performance Training System. As a competitive distance runner for over 30 years and a coach of elite running athletes for almost as long, I have used Deep Water Exercise/Running with great success in both my own training and that of the athletes I have coached. Over these past 30+ years I have revised and refined this training modality to create a system that absolutely maximizes results.

In addition to working with competitive runners, my expertise in the use of Deep Water Exercise/Running has resulted in the opportunity to work with elite athletes from a variety of other sports. Over the last several years I have worked with NHL hockey players, international class rugby players, elite soccer players and national class triathletes.

It is because of my work with NHL hockey players that I have stepped away from calling this exercise modality "Deep Water Running" (DWR) and now refer to it as "Deep Water Exercise" or simply DWE. This more general terminology allows for the inclusion of what I have coined Deep Water Skating (DWS), which is the training technique I have employed with hockey players.

Whatever your sport, whatever your ability, I'm sure that the Water Works Performance Training System can assist you to maximize your results. If you want to learn more about this proven training system and how it can benefit you, contact Water Works Performance today.